Who Knew Women Could Drive?

Disproving what was once a universally assumed fact, Dannica Patrick showed the world this weekend that at least one woman on Earth can in fact drive well. The Anna Kournikova of Nascar finally proven why she is not in fact like Anna at all. Dannica can actually win.

In what I am sure was nothing like what I saw in the awesome Days of Thunder, Dannica Patrick won the Indy Japan 300 becoming the first woman to win a major auto race. The 26 year old whose never shy about what's under her hood, was able to win by conserving fuel the longest. Not exactly skillful, but let's give her the respect that she deserves, knowing full well what the Indy Japan 300 has come to mean in the halls of Nascar. What? You never heard of the Indy Japan 300? Me neither.

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