Good Friday - Knicks Fire Isiah Thomas

Yes folks, that's a wrap. Exit stage right. Pull down with the curtain. Time to go.
After a terrible season and endless chants of "Fire Isiah" from the rafters of The Garden, the gods of basketball have finally answered the poor desperate Knickerbocker fans' cries for help.

But don't get too excited New York, Isiah will not be all together banned from The Garden. He will be a consultant to Donnie Walsh.

Donnie Walsh, new team president, had this to say:

“I value Isiah’s knowledge of the game and his opinion,” said Walsh in a conference call Friday afternoon. “I will use him as a resource. He will be reporting to me.”

Isiah must be taking it in the ass from Satan himself. How this guy has managed to stay on is beyond normal mortal channels.

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