Get Your Wild Things On....

Vice asked 24 of their favorite artists to tap into their earliest memories of how Maurice Sendak's celebrated book affected their youth and interpret these recollections via pen, pencil, and brush. As you will see throughout the following days and weeks, this story has left a distinct mark on a wide range of creative people.

This is who participated:

Ben Jones, Benjamin Marra, Dan Zettwoch, Esther Pearl Watson, Frédéric Fleury, Hellen Jo, Jordan Crane, Josh Simmons, Le Merde, Lisa Hanawalt, Mark Todd, Martin Ontiveros, Matt Furie, Matthew Thurber, Nick Gazin, Ray Sohn, Ron Rege Jr, Imiri Sakabashira, Sammy Harkham, Shintaro Kago, Skinner, Ted May, Tony Millionaire, Vanessa Davis

Check it out at wherethewildthingsare.viceland.com


Fat People Are Hysterical!

Thanks Matty!


One Year Later......Timmy Russert

Anyone else notice how Sunday news still has a gaping hole in it? One year ago tomorrow Tim Dawg died doing what he loved, and what we loved watching. Fucking shame still and bums me out till this day.

Peep Media Bistro who asked Brokaw, Ifill, Schieffer etc thoughts on Timmy after a year.

Found on Gawker


Fuck Doogie Howser

I need to dig into this more but check out this prodigy.

It's not your average science fair when the 16-year-old winner manages to solve a global waste crisis. But such was the case at last month's Canadian Science Fair in Waterloo, Ontario, where Daniel Burd, a high school student at Waterloo Collegiate Institute, presented his research on microorganisms that can rapidly biodegrade plastic.

Have you guys heard of this "Twitter"?

Hey yours truly is on Twitter. I get so much awesome from my friends to post that I'm using this as well. A weapon against your boredom.


Cooking + Puppets + LSD = Food Party

Time to dust off that ban on psychedelics and tune into IFC for Food Party! I can't to the awesomeness of this justice, so just watch the episode below.


The British Are Coming! Art Brut Invade NYC

Tonite starts what could end up being my favorite week of the Summer. Art Brut, and their new awesomely titled album Art Brut vs Satan, begin their 5 night sold out run at Mercury Lounge (hat tip tip to Jay).

BTWs - Did you know Bowery has a blog? They do, it's called House List. They are getting it off the ground but are doing cool shit like ticket give-a-ways.


Let's Get Reatarded - New Jay Reatard Single

Hey head over to Jay Reatard and download the new single "It Ain't Gonna Save Me".

Album drops in August.

Also your July 4th weekend can start off with a BOOM if you get your tickets now to his performance at Music Hall of Williamsburg.


New Mike Tyson Punch Out - When Brands Get It Right

Yo peep the video of Little Mac come to life. Note the trainer. Yeah that's right, shhiiiiiiiiiit it's Senator Clay Davis. I just think this is so simple and perfect. Kudos

and for you Sen. Davis fans:



Yes it's true folks, I broke this before Brooklyn Vegan did. Unannounced secret gigs by the bandanna mustachioed Yaps. If you can, try like hell to catch one of his Bowery Presents performances running through the weekend. He'll be at Ballroom, Lounge and Hall.

Guess what Good Ole Tom did with the $2,500?


Holy Shit Fat People Are Funny

Best of Kenny Powers

I have know idea how long this will last, so enjoy it while it does. For when you need a dose. Props once again to Yaps.