Baltimore... Two Pictures... A Few Words...

This weekend, Handjobs, Yaps, Cobretti and I headed to Charm City to watch the Yankees play in Camden Yards. The stadium is beautiful, but not nearly as pretty as the girls at Goddess around 1:30am. We accomplished so much in such a short period of time. There were mild setbacks and huge triumphs. All in all, we destroyed Baltimore and believe me, we'll be back. These two pictures sum up our weekend quite nicely.

A few things that were accomplished in a short 36 hour trip:

- Two of us took in some culture.
- We ate crab without getting crabs.
- Watched Tim Duncan and Michael Finley make huge baskets.
- Got hammered at a baseball stadium.
- Saw Calzeghe beat Hopkins in a great fight.
- Two of us skanked to Mustard Plug at the Ottobar.
- Accidentally ended up at a strip club.
- Defeated technology in a late night battle for supremacy.
- Beat Beach at Baseball Stars.
- Found a breakfast buffet at the 11th hour.
- Avoided the O's sweep with a big Sunday win.
- Two of us polished off bottle of Coffee Patron.
- Got back in time to see Tokyo Police Club at Bowery!


wiscodana said...

"accidentally" ended up at a strip club. Uh huh.

Jungle Jay said...

it was accidental - we had now idea what we were walking into.

rory said...
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rory said...

did you happen to leave paul on the corner like they have in the wire?

did yaps meet avon barksdale and buy an 8 ball?

Jungle Jay said...

dude, we don't buy drugs, they are on are ryder which the marriot was happy to fulfill.

Yaps said...

Our backporch was SO RHIDIN!!!!!!!!

B. Hawkins Pham said...

accidentally walking into brothels and hooters like restaurants is par for the course here in Nam. If you go in for a haircut, make sure you explain which hair you want trimmed.....