Ladies, Having Trouble Finding That Special Man?

Yes just take a look around the bar at the end of night? What do you see? That's right nothing to bring home to Mom and Dad. Sorry boys, we may be fun and handsome, but seriously we are fuck ups.

Well girls, Cupid has a tip for you! Want your man to stay locked up so he never strays or cheats on you? Acts like a freed man tasting life again every time you visit him? Appreciates the cooking you bring him even though you don't know a spoon from a fork in the kitchen?

Sounds amazing? Want in!? Yeah you do ya desperate slut!

Well meet Adrian Smiley Jones, his heroes include P-Diddy and Hilary Clinton:

"I would like to enter the doors or friendship with someone open and honest about themselves. I'm a sincere person, and a man who believes the truth beats failure any day. If diamonds are a man's best friend, I truly believe I'm one that's yet to be discovered."

Sound great? Well one catch, he's a convict. Still in prison. Yes, it's Match.com for those people who have a soft spot for convicts.

For the rest of us, it's pure Internet Gold.

Meet An Inmate, Find Love

Thanks to Lauren.

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