Back To The Future In Your Ass...

I'm posting this old clip, not only because its kind of funny in the "we're not deliberately making fun of gay people" kind of way, but also because I wanted to tell the story of the time I met David Blaine. I was working the door at the Bowery Ballroom one spring evening when four people entered the basement. David Blaine came up to the podium to get his name checked off the list. Being my typical asshole self, I asked him for his ID, (it was more to test his celebrity). His friend immediately started cursing and being an asshole with all that, "Do you know who this is? Why would you ask him for an ID?" kind of rhetoric. I explained that we have to do this for every patron regardless of who they are to which he replied, "This is David Fucking Blaine man, c'mon!" I replied, "No shit, you mean the sorcerer?" to which David chuckled.

That's my David Blaine story. Sorry for wasting your time. I'm still in a haze.

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