Blow and Eddy Murphy

Remember when Eddy Murphy was awesome? Fall in love again.

So after a great 2 and half hour dinner with JM and Kar Kar last night (fyi, highly recommend the back patio of Sweetwater on North 6 in Williamsburg and the burger on an english muffin) the fearsome foursome had some beers at Hugs across the street (fyi, the WORST bar, never go). Then upon feeling giddy, read "the twitching hour", the lady and I retired back for some post game fun. Recently she had downloaded both Raw and Delirious. I'm here to tell you that a 20 and Eddy on a warm Thursday night is a great way to spend time with that special someone. You're welcome.

It's amazing, even after the Bacchanalian Belin Birthday Bash, the warm night air just gets in my blood and I just want to drink and be merry. God bless spring.

The Ice Cream Man Skit. Classic.

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