Current TV, the only thing to watch when football is not on.

Hi everyone, it's me duG. Guest blogger and fellow awesome blog reader type person. Do you watch Current TV? Shame on you. It is hands down the best thing on your flat panel. It is the future of television. I think about it more than hard drugs. Imagine Youtube without a holes aiming a camera at the tv and posting some lame, background noise filled video. There are no homemade"Superman 'dat ho" videos either. Otherwise it's exactly the same.....almost. Al Gore did not invent the internet but he did invent Current. True story.

Direct TV channel 358 and on all other cable systems, you need to visit the site and figure out channel delegations. Please, check it out. Every pod (episode) is less than 5 minutes long and perfect for those of us who have the attention span of a goldfish. Basically if you watched Sesame Street as a child, you need to be hooked on Current as an adult. The website is super robust and anything you saw on the site is available immediately online.

You will love it, you will alter your tv habits and if you're unemployed it will make you late for everything. That is all, good day.

current tv


roedood said...

vbs.tv is better

Anonymous said...

that's not on TV you goose