Vitaminwater - Placebo Effect for $2.50?

Yeah so it's 2 pm and you are still groggy from some fun and yet unwise decisions from the previous night. You are waiting for your breakfast sandwich and you are contemplating on what beverage will help you recover. Water? Bland. Gatorade? I am not playing tennis right now. OJ? Maybeeeee. Vitamin Water - Hmmmm, it's like all three things. Sure, and it has worked before right? Maybe not.

From Media Daily News:

The Center for Science in the Public Interest has served Coca-Cola with a class-action lawsuit, charging the Atlanta beverage giant with deceptive and unsubstantiated claims on its Vitaminwater beverages.

The organization says Coke's labeling for the drinks--which tout the drinks for immune "defense" and "rescue," and for generating "energy" and "endurance"--is inherently false. The group also says Coke's claims that the various Vitaminwater SKUs reduce the risk of chronic disease, eye disease, and promote healthy joints as well as supporting optimal immune function are deceptive.

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duG said...

They promote that shit in the entrance to my hiking park, aka my back yard every day- I drinks it because it's free.... otherwise, it's gay. Dring the water sans vitamins some time- you will see it's shit water. Then, take the vitamin powder and try not to puke.