Beautiful People.

Every once and awhile I mosey over to The Dirty (dot com) just to reassure myself that I'm not a complete and total douchebag. The site is littered with Arizona / Spring Break types with fake tits, bad tans and date rapist attitudes. Sometimes they throw up a gem that has me rolling and today it has nothing to do with hair gel or an unintentionally exposed vagina. No, today is a different kind of beauty; the kind found outside your local mall at 2pm before the 2:30pm bus picks up the folks to return to the trailer park.

Editors Note: Please don't think I'm putting down all folks who live in a trailer. Those people are great. They keep my mom's lights on. She is a Pennsylvania slum lord in the funniest way imaginable. Poverty, though depressing and often times dream crushing, can have an upside!

I'll give you a beaner if you can tell me if big red is a male or female.

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