What Makes You Happy?

After Rory's post of a list of things that have the potential to make him stand at attention, (read: get a hard on), I decided to make a quick list of a few things that make me happy. Now I'm leaving my family out of this so if by chance you're reading, don't get offended. So as the clock approached 5:30pm this Sunday and I lay here in my bed still reeling from the previous evening; I bring you - Things that make GoodTimes happy...

Wait, nothing makes me happy. I'm a grumpy son-of-a-bitch who just needed a reason to post the Dance of Joy. Lists are dumb anyway; even if its about your boner.

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daniel arnold said...

looking back, cousin larry was a really fantastic roommate. he would've done anything in the world to keep that son of a bitch balky smiling.