Stoned Sunday - The Wrap Up

Welcomed to the Lord's day off and Used Everything I Had's wrap up of the Sunday's political shows to keep you an informed citizen since you are still hungover in bed.

Everyone pretty much discusses the three big items of the week - Gen. Petraeus in front of Congress for more dumb questions and non-answers, Obama describing small town USA in a way that only a Yale douche can, and ole cigar banging Bill Clinton bringing back the dead subject of Hilary's death trip to Bosnia.

Meet The Press - Tim "Mr. Potato Head" Russert goes with the political assassin round table for the full hour with Democratic strategists James Carville and Bob Shrum, and Republican strategists Mary Matalin and Mike Murphy.

This Week with George Stephanopoulos - Peanut Farmer, and gnat in Bush's eye, former El Presidente Jimmy Carter leads off if you are still high on drugs and need to sleep. Basically Jimmy wants to talk to everyone (Hamas, Fatah, maybe even Hitler if he was alive) and Bush wants to speak to no one, of course the answer lies in the middle. Bush National Security adviser Hadley Coy on why Bush is a pussy and won't fight a real bully like China. And as always George Will and others discuss the week in news.

Face the Nation - This week ole Bobby Shieffer, Katie Couric's possible fill in on CBS Evening News, talks first with Secretary of Defense Gates on Gen. Petraeus and why we are winning in Iraq and then talks to Speaker of the House and super annoying SF hippie Nancy Pelosi on why we are losing in Iraq. Here's a hint, she hates Bush and does not want to play kick the can with him.

Who gives a fuck about Wolf Blizter.

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