Obama vs Clinton - Interracial LIVE Blogging!

Yes folks call me a fag, Jay does all the time, but for political lovers like your truly, tonight is a date at the prom.

Live from Judge Street. I'll be working 2 computers, while smoking copious amounts of weed and drinking a 40 of Bud, while chain smoking.

So let's get going:

7:29 pm
Drudge has some early numbers out from exit polls that show She Devil up 52 to 48. A win for She Devil but not big enough to move people past Obama. Once you go black.....

8:23 pm
Polls are now closed in Pennsylvania, and its looks too close to call to ABC News. Which is pretty good for Obama considering a month ago he was down over 15%, look for the Comeback Kid spin if Obama closes it by 5% or less.

8:26 pm
Cracked open the 40 of Bud. Much like driving, I write better when drinking. Like interactive maps in Flash as much as I do? Politico has a great one.

8:39 pm
Lauren made salmon and spinach. Yes, I'm lucky. Dinner break. NPR has live radio coverage and analysis starting at 9pm.

9:10 pm
Like MacGyver, Lauren fished the one hitter out from behind the radiator with a lighter and coathanger. Saving the night. With 7% reporting in PA, Drudge has it She Devil 54% to 46%.

9:16 pm
ABC News came out at 8:52 claiming She Devil had won. Super. Now every other media site is on board. Lives to see another day. Pack your bags kids, we going to NC and IN. Yeah! Great state Jay, what the fuck?!

9:24 pm
Does PA hate black people? Andrew Sullivan wonders.

9:34 pm
Huffington Post has recap of the exit polls.

"About one in five voters said the race of the candidates was among the top factors in their vote. About as many said that about the candidates' gender."

Yeah, in group out group, got it in Psych 101. Not much in the exit polls really shocks me. Though the turnout from 2004 to 2007 was notable - 26% to 52%.

9:54 pm
Daily Kos keeps up the poll numbers for the guilty liberals and even admits that Clinton can't win no how no way. Picking sides causes the comments to fly on the thread.

9:58 pm
Proving once again that the elderly have too much time on their hands, they came out in force in PA today. Reports have it that 3 out of 10 voters were over 65 and most of those go Clinton. Why? Cause elderly people are wary of young black men. Just ask Barack's grandma.

10:05 pm
Howard Fineman of Newsweek is a douche. Watching stream of MSNBC coverage with Oberman and Chris Mathews. Lots of nonsense and guesses. Speeches are coming soon.

10:11 pm

The history of sports is littered with the men who were great but are always remembered as never being able to "win the big one". Is Barack doomed to be the 2008 election's Dan Marino? That's the question everyone is asking.

10:14 pm
Hilary is coming to the stage, in a turquoise jacket. Good grief.

10:28 pm
Real blue collar images. Rolling up sleeves. American people never quit and want a President who won't quit. Elbow grease. Claims of tides turning.

You know in rock and roll good bands know to leave em wanting more, think a 20 minute Jay Reatard set. Why do politicians not do this?

Instead of a memorable speech that hits hard and fast, I'm left with a laundry list of applause lines and nonsense. I'm bored, let's get back to talking heads and the spin zone. 5 to 1 the word of the day is confidence when talking about her speech. Hear that gun shot? That was me shooting myself.

10:37 pm
Cut to Chris Mathews who called her demeanor "calm and confident". BANG!

10:55 pm

It's all about John McCain. Obama is talking like it's a done game.

He is right, minus a melt down of epic downward spiralness, but his win will be like winning on a double fault in tennis. He will have won because he played the short game better than Clinton whose hubris in passing over small caucus states in the beginning has come back to bite her in that fat ass. But he will not have had the comeback win that America loves. Obama will not have the glow of the undisputed crowd favorite.

Somewhere ole Johnny McCain is sleeping well.

11:12 pm
We will have to wait for solid numbers but right now the win looks pretty decisive for Clinton, over 10% and it's going to be a headache for Obama. With 84% in she has a 10% lead.

Many talking heads are asking that given that the white working class makes up much of PA did the "bitter" comment hurt him that much? Given the numbers of OH which mirrors PA, but came prior to the gaffe I'm not buying it. Personally it's looking like the white working class doesn't want a smooth black pimp for President.

Hitting the showers. See you in two weeks for IN and NC.


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yes, my home state is a bit of a mess. my favorite part about yesterday was drudge's exit poll % break down categories: male, female, whites, blacks.