I Just Died...

And went to reality tv heaven!

Bringing together the best contestants from VH1's premier reality tv shows to prove what it's always really been about MAKE MONEY MONEY MAKE MONEY MONEY MONEY! Contestants from my favorite show of all time Rock of Love 1 &2 as well as Flavor or Love and I Love New York will compete against each other for the big prize. There's $100k at stake. But I'm sure these people would also compete for $100 and a steak.

Christian's reaction to the news "God- you listened!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Amen brotha.

Welcome back Boots, Heather, Kristy Jo, Destiney, Thing 1, Thing 2, and Pumkin!!!!!! Check out the whole cast here.

I'm really hoping I don't wake up tomorrow and learn this is a hoax or else there will be ass to beat. And it won't be Midget Mac's!

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Jungle Jay said...

holy shit this looks amazing. i'm currently watching the rock of love 2 reunion. Daisy and Heather just got into a fight - its perfect - especially since ricky ratman is hosting.