Science Friday.....Monkey Head Transplant

So how about we stay away from the dumb and get some smart? What do you know about head transplants? Don't laugh. Check out this Motherboard/VBS.tv video on Dr. Robert White.

Basically this guy performed the first monkey head transplant (or body transplant) depending on how you look it. It's 7 parts and I'm not gonna bullshit ya it can get science-y, but if you got a slight streak of geek (think Nova/Jim Lehrer fans) then it's a perfect hit on a rainy Saturday. This guy may know more about the rough mechanics of the nervous system than anybody else in his field, AND he was the Pope's personal adviser on bioethics. The Pope dude.

Also Motherboard is Vice's attempt at tech, think Wired/Gizmodo but Vice and video. Got me? Good. Check out the other shit, get your geek on.

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