My Favorite New Artist of 2008

So I been floating around and seeing some interesting top lists of 2008.

One I really liked was from Andrew Noz who writes the insanely great named and really good rap blog Cocaine Blunts.

He did a Top Ten Mixtapes of 2008 for NPR. What's great is that most of these mixtapes are free to download so get em. Kudos for NPR to for going with a blog that most would overlook.

Anyway, I want in on the act. So my favorite new artist of 2008, no shocker. Asher Roth. Tip and thanks to Vanilla Gorilla. Downloaded the mixtape, loved it. Saw him live at SOBS, loved it. Style, vocab, stage presence, voice, and shit had DJ Drama and Cannon do his mixtape. The Weezer sample in the song College. I mean, COME ON!

Download Asher Roth's Greenhouse Effect

Someone put the song College to dumb photos of dumb college kids.

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