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7:47 PM - Locked In
Showered, shit and shaved. Shotgunning a Coors lite and eating a hotpocket. Am I the only guy who feels American?

Use the ABC News Tracker to follow the game

7:57 PM
Obama 1,220,130
McCain 1,171,030

7:58 PM
If you don't trust the mainstream press and you a tree-hugging Starbucks flower child, Daily Kos has a nice pretty map.

8:00 PM
PA goes Barack! Way to go Belin!

8:02 PM
RIP TIMMY RUSSERT, I just thought about why I feel incomplete.

8:08 PM

My favorite British gay conservative Andrew Sullivan on the crazy God freaks in SC.

White evangelicals voted for McCain in larger margins in South Carolina than they did for Bush, according to CNN. That's staggering to me: what this election may be doing is intensifying the religious and racial identity of the GOP. This is Rove's legacy. It is the destruction of the Republican party as a national force.

8:14 PM
HuffPo warns you, read the exit polls with care.

8:20 PM
Hmmmmm. After all the bullshit about the black vote in Georgia, I am bit concerned about McCain's lead there.

8:25 PM

Obama 5,212,326
McCain 4,796,438

8:45 PM
I never realized how American Coors Light is, Red White and Blue baby!

8:41 PM
GA goes McCain by a ton. 62% to 37% right now.

8:45 PM
John Kerry keeps his seat. Yaaaaaawn. I guess we can look forward to six more years of foot in the mouth disease.

8:52 PM

Sununu (NH) and Dole (NC) are out of the Senate. Dems pick up two. Chuck "The Goatee" Todd wrote Bush Bush Bush. The Republican slaughter will be Bush's last gift to his party.

9:03 PM
Empire State Goes Obama! Nice work everyone, do a self congrats shotgun.

9:07 PM
Obama 9,231,843
McCain 9,206,791

9:13 PM
Go fuck around on the KOS map, nice piece of tech he got there.

9:19 PM

9:22 PM
Ohio goes Obama! Red goes blue! Funny when you think of the issues that he had versus the Queen Bitch there during the primary.

9:30 PM
Hey looks like Louisiana has forgotten the lesson of Katrina, they went McCain. Sometimes you need a bit of government, compassionate conservatism only gets you so far.

9:39 PM
Check out Ariana's blog post on how the Internet beat Rovian politics.

9:48 PM
Oh man what if Tarheel Blue goes Obama. Go NC! The only other time I cheered for NC was against Duke.

9:58 PM
Wow, Chris Shays is out in CT. One of the more moderate Republicans. If this isn't the sign of the Bush legacy I don't know what is.

10:01 PM
Lauren busted out the "Hot Sex" and I think it might be Belin's new poison.

10:15 PM
Icing on the cake for this turn out. Social conservatives are losing big on their bullshit gay marriage and abortion initiatives. Weeeeee for the good kind of small government!

Read more about it

10:31 PM
Too close to call MT, FL, AZ, IN, and VA.

10:34 PM
Hey so I guess community organizers do know what they are doing....when it comes to organizing people to vote for you. Eat shit Sarah.

Hey Hey! Maybe those Mass-holes ain't so bad! They decriminalized weed and Michigan passed medical mary jane. Light your bongs folk and get ready to uncork that champagne. In the mean time, here's a Cheech and Chong video to smoke to.

10:48 PM
Look I like a mixed plate of views. So I go to Little Green Footballs. But can they please calm the fuck down over there. I mean Jesus. Take a breath, or move to Mass and smoke a bowl.

10:54 PM
At this point the shit is a lock. My roommate did the math and he went to Yale. I think at this point the networks are gun shy from the pro-Obama criticism.

10:56 PM

11:01 PM
The 86 Mets said it best "Ya Gotta Believe!!!!"

11:07 PM
Here's to changing the path we are on, here's to hoping for a better way.

11:16 PM

11:20 AM
I got to say McCain's concession speech is pretty classy and pretty heartfelt. Reminded me why I liked him.

11:37 PM
What if McCain had gone with Tom Ridge? And not this dumb bitch. Lipstick on a pig.

12:00 PM
The new Kennedy clan. Camelot is upon us once again. Yes I'm drunk but I don't care.

12:06 AM
Holy shit it's going to be great to have a President who can string an eloquent sentence together. Great speech, nothing new, but delivery is spot on.

Here is a video of classic Bushisms, it's ok to laugh again.

12:13 AM
I'm reminded of this image...what a speech. And I'm glad he reached out to the people who didn't vote for him. He gets it.

12:45 PM
If you missed the speech, you can thank your lucky stars for Youtube. I'm going out to have some drinks, it's been a long two years and I got tomorrow off.


PIC said...

YObama, youre not the only one feeling AMERICAN! mac and cheese, fried chicken, freedom fries, and champagne.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe you took the day off just to be hung over and NOT blog on the most the Christmas morning of all blogging.

Lame sandwich.

roedood said...

Dude, I just woke up...