Update: Tim Robbins Is Still A Douche

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am sure this is no surprise to you. When last we spoke we mentioned how Tim Robbins had thrown a hissy fit at the voting polls last Tuesday, finally going to court to get this issue settled.

Well it turns out that Captain America went to the wrong polling place, which he would have known if he had voted for anything in the past 4 years. Whoops!

From the NY Daily News article:

Records showed Robbins moved in 2004 and filed a new registration. His proper polling site was in the Andrew Heskell Library on W. 20th St., where Robbins’ name was in the poll book.

“It would appear,” Robbins was informed in a letter from [the] Manhattan election commissioner, “that your voting experience was less than positive because you simply went to the wrong poll site.” The letter noted that Robbins might not have made his mistake had he voted “in any recent election.

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