I wonder if my sister is playing Bingo for Biden?

Sorry I've been so quiet lately, but there's reason enough to blog today. That evil woman Sarah Palin is taking the national stage for a "no-holds barred" debate tonight. Judging from her recent interviews with Katie Couric, we're going to see a lot of side-stepping and roundabout answers to each and every question. I'm looking into a voice-changer for my tv, because I'm not sure I can sit through an entire debate listening to that woman's shrill voice. I'm not one to make fun of accents, being from WISCANSIN, but sheesh she needs a vocal coach!

With that sad, I'm going to play this game tonight to distract myself from the fact that this woman is truly dangerous to our political system and could quit possible be our president. Shudder.
PS. I totally have a new respect for Couric. Way to be a beyyyatch!

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