Vice Interviews Young Jeezy & Now We Have Beef

Not sure if you saw Thomas "Baby Balls" Morton's interview Young Jeez recently on VBS.tv, but it may have been one of the most uncomfortable 2 minutes ever and probably set race relations back about 50 years.

Here is what Jeez said about it:

Jeezy then explained his reaction to the mockery interview from Vice. "[He] was trippin'. It’s different ‘cause I have to humble myself to even deal with some of that shit, and my patience is shorter than an interlude. I might flip out at any time. So, I just have to be like, 'Alright, be cool and just calm down.' But yeah, he was different. I don’t know what the fuck he was on. It was awkward. That interview was probably like 10 minutes of him asking this and that, and I was like, 'Man, what the fuck?'"


Here is Thomas' retort and what it's like being in a rap battle when you are the whitest kid on the block

Here is the video:

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