Use Everything Show Review - Asher Roth @ SOB's

Okay let us clean the table of the bad shit first.

- First time at SOBs and my last time unless ODB does a resurrection tour. I get it, Asher is rap. But he already has that game with Rifkind and the DJ Drama mixtape. He needs to play a venue that is not so sucky. Does Ash Roth need the number to the red phone in Beach and Belin's office?

- Putting him on a bill with Heltah Skeltah? Seriously? The Helta crowd was not feeling the show and it showed. Confused black thugs.

- If I go out to smoke, why do I have to get back on line?

So now on to what was good. No, what was great, Asher Roth. He is the real deal folks. Played with a full band, which is cool but can be annoying when you just want to hear the songs like on the CD. But that aside this kid has CHARISMA for miles. A smile, a smirk, a casual "yeah I can't believe I'm up here either." Laughing on stage while smoking blunts on stage, engaging with the crowd and considering most live rap sucks, he is a refreshing breath of skilled air.

Thanks to Dana from Biz3, hope this shitty review compensates for the list.

Have you not downloaded his FREE FUCKING DJ DRAM MIXTAPE yet?

Oh and miss those college days? Or still immature like me? Or just like a feel good song?

Go to his MySpace page check out "I Love College" and guess why it's Jay's new fave song.

Here is a shitty video of the show.

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