It Drank Pretty Good!

I'm not sure if any of you East Coast readers are O&A fans, but if you are then you surely know about this already. Basically, the 'gentleman' Alan Holmes from Montgomery is against FTH (free the hopps) and he makes a very convincing argument during a session of state congress. It's a movement to lift the ban on gourmet beers. In AL you can only buy 6% alcohol beers, none of those fancy beers brought here by whiteys from Germany in their Mercedes Benz.

Umm... don't they make BMW's in Alabama? Yes they do. And by gentleman, I mean something more racist and accurate. Have fun with his question in the short clip and apply it to any situation you may find yourself in by switching out 'beer' with the noun of the moment and 'drank' with the verb of the moment. You can then use the bassy voice in the background to further your point.

ex: "what's wrong with the blog we got? It reads pretty good. What are some of them other blogs?" low voice guy: Good times? D-listed?

Now that you're throughly intrigued, watch the clip and embrace your inner bigot.

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Anonymous said...

this is fucking brilliant