Huff Tough...

Patrick Tribett was nabbed in July 2005 by Ohio cops and charged with abusing harmful intoxicants. The 41-year-old Tribett, it seems, had been huffing spray paint and needed a refill (he was popped after seeking a fresh can at a Bellaire general store). According to police, Tribett's pupils were constricted and he replied slowly to their questions. Oh, and "officers observed the paint on face and hands," as can be seen in the below mug shot. Tribett, who was previously busted for assault, domestic violence, and inhaling harmful intoxicants, was booked into the Belmont County Sheriff's Office lockup.

That mugshot just had me rolling. It reminds me of Charlie from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia during the "Nightman" episode. I guess this whole post just serves as a reminder that the show premiers this evening - if you are home, make sure to tune in!

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rory said...

fucking brilliant jay.