My Dream Girl...

I'm ready to marry this one. Apparently there is a story floating around regarding an intern who shit all over an office. This reminds me of earlier today when I almost pooped my pants while eating some Shanghai wings that Beach picked up while at a business meeting.

Said intern did in fact shit all over the 18th and 25th floors of 30 Rock. She did it in the hallway, on the floor, on a pile of FedEx boxes, on the way between floors… pretty much everywhere but the bathroom or (hey, sometimes you’re desperate) a garbage can. Or a cup. Or a napkin. Or in her hands. No, just streaking through the hallways. And then she took it into that room where she locked herself in and proceeded to wipe (sorry, I couldn’t come up with a better word) it on the walls, on the computer, on those same FedEx boxes. It was a shitshow (pun absolutely intended).

Check out the full story, (thanks Mo).

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Yaps said...

I'm Jay Belin. I have to take a shit. Everybody pay attention to me!!!!