JOBAMA - Barack Picks Joe - Biden for VP

Lauren is rolling her eyes at me, as I gleefully type this. Barack Obama has chosen Joe Biden for his Vice President.

I wanted Biden for Prez. Yep, I really like the guy. Blue collar but with a touch of aristocracy, plain spoken but with a sharp wit. Understands domestic issues while mastering the foreign ones. Yeah, I like Joe Biden. I like him as well cause he is a bit risky which is fun. Being opinionated comes with consequence of putting your foot in your mouth once in awhile. The guy is human, but don't believe for one second the Rush and Coulters of the world who are "joyous" over this pick, Joe Biden, who was the presumptive next Secretary of State, is the one guy who Republicans didn't want Obama to pick. Why? Cause white McCain independents like Joe Biden and he attacks enemies like a rabid pitbull.

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