Is that a hammer in your butt or are you just happy to see me?

AUGUST 6--While on patrol Monday evening, an Indiana cop noticed a naked guy standing in the window of a Fort Wayne home. So she approached the man's front door, which was wide open, to investigate further. It was then that Officer S. Hughes and a colleague were treated to the sight of a prone Ronald Miller, 56, engaging in a remarkably lewd act on his living room sofa. For the dirty details, you'll have to read the below Fort Wayne Police Department report, which notes that Miller is apparently handy with a claw hammer and some motor oil. Miller, pictured in the mug shot at right, was arrested on a felony indecency charge. A neighbor told cops that Miller was "not right" and parades around naked "24/24."

Read more at The Smoking Gun.

My commentary on Jett Favre will have to wait until I can fully grasp the concept of him playing on not just another team, but the one in the town I live in. Although rooting alongside Jungle and Cobretti will make for a good time.


Jungle Jay said...

glad to have you aboard. it will be nice that we can finally agree on something. that something being the gorgeous eyes of BF.

Yaps said...

cobretti is an eagles fan. and a moron.