Hippies Are Awesome....

This might be the best Craigslist ad I've ever seen. Can you imagine how bad this kid smells? Fucking eh.

Bisco tour dog (Black Lab) for your Trey Anastasio Brooklyn extra - $130 (Scarsdale)

This is really a tough decision for me, but I have a Black Labrador named Caterpillar that I'm willing to part with for a ticket to Trey Anastasio's show at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn on Thursday night. Caterpillar has never been to a Phish show -- I've never been to a Phish show either, because I am 21 -- but he has stayed in the car for a couple of Trey shows and been with me, non-stop, on Disco Biscuits tour for the past three years. Caterpillar knows the layout of Camp Bisco so well that he was singlehandedly able to lead me back to my tent in the middle of a number of trying incidents at CB7. (I had never done mescaline before. Never again.) Caterpillar also has been tough enough to survive after eating a number of crystals.

Anyways. This Trey show is really important to me, as it is in the vicinity of my birthday and I feel a near-tantric connection with Trey after watching the Walnut Creek DVD I bought yesterday. I have only $130 to my name at present and this has not been enough to score me a ticket. My parents will not help out on this one. They pay for my SUNY tuition and have recently set a cap on my jamband-related expenditures.

So. I am willing to part with Caterpillar if you are willing to part with a Trey ticket. Like I said, I feel that i MUST be there. I am ready to make the drive down from Scarsdale as soon as I get word from you. Caterpillar is worth at least $225, which is the lowest asking price right now on Stubhub, and I will throw in his dishes, collar and some frisbee golf discs he likes. He is up to date with his shots.

Please help me out on this. And if there is some kind soul out there who will sell for $130, and allow me to keep my dog, I will figure out a way to find six more dollars and buy that person a beer once I'm inside.

You can see a photo of Caterpillar here.

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wiscodana said...

damn I hate hippies. I really, truly do.