Cobra Juice Can Kill You

So this weekend I experienced the bite of the fabled Cobra Tonic, below is the photographic proof since I know you are all cynical assholes.

And here is the website - Asian Snake Wine

I shit you not loyal readers it's black out juice, not to be just tested by the badger who is faint of heart and weak of liver. I remember thinking yeah this is a bad idea, tasting the shit slither down my throat burning me slowly, throwing up into my hand, and casually walking outside to finish on the street. Next thing I remember is waking up with the sense of Death.

The first text I received following that venomous night came at 2:30 pm the next day.

"Where am I?" - Beach

And no we were not on some powder bender in Beijing rooting on Phelps and hitting on Chinese gymnasts who were too young, we were in Brooklyn, NY.

Thanks Christy for the photo proof.

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Jungle Jay said...

never have i been so glad to have pulled a belin!