What. The. Favre?

Beginning yesterday and continuing today, the news about Brett Favre coming out of retirement has gone into overdrive. And while that news should excite me, this isn't the first time these rumors have happened, so I shall brush this off and return to preparing for Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood. I'm just happy that my main man still gets people so riled up! I mean...even when I'm enjoying my favorite past time- gossip blogs- he somehow makes his way there.

I'm not saying that I wouldn't love to have Favre back on the team, I would, but if that's all this is- rumors- then bring them on. If it turns into a trumor...well, then in the famous words of a certain rock band manager..."all will be revealed." Huh?

Also, in other Packers news: I'm digging Aaron Rodgers' new haircut. Hot!

Does anyone else remember the old Volkswagon logo "Farfugnugen"? I think while i was thinking of Favre this morning, my mind went that way. When I got my first VW in highschool, I, of course, bought the Fukengruven bumper sticker. My parents promptly removed it a day later.

Anyways- Urban Dictionary has their own defintion for it:
1. something done on accident
2. a fart, usually coming out of the asshole
3. a polite way to say "i let one rip."
"excuse me, alisa, i seem to have had a little farfugnugen"

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