Hey Brett - Phone Home

I know no one ever claimed that this farm hick had anything resembling smarts, his IQ being slightly above that of Lennie. But Brett, if you are going to call an opposing team like the Benedict Arnold you are being, you may want to use a pay phone and not the phone the Green Bay Packs gave you. I mean Jesus Christ.

Brett Phones The Vikes


Jungle Jay said...

yeah, but the basis of the conversation remains unknown and one of his best friends works for the Vikings so what's a brother going to do?

wiscodana said...

When did the NFL take cues from soap opera storylines? If the first MNF game with GB vs Vikings has Favre as the hated Vikes QB...that's the equivalent of shitting pure gold. I'll be shitting something a little less precious but no less painful if that were to happen.

roedood said...

jay come on!

he called the coach and the offensive coordinator.

you sound like an OJ Simpson lawyer.