Awesome Show Alert

I spent the better part of the last week either drunk, hungover, eating blue crabs or watching MSNBC's "Locked Up" series. I recommend at least three out of those four activities. Unless you enjoy puking and migraines... then let's party all the time.

Locked Up is a series on MSNBC that shows was life in our prisons is really like. It's fascinating, mainly because (fingers crossed Roedood) none of us will ever end up in one. I've learned about prisoner hierarchies (child molesters and rapists on the bottom, robbers and murderers on top...unless they killed a woman or child), how to make shanks, gassing (too gross to explain here- gag), relationships (inside and outside) and pretty much what everyday prison life is like for both the inmates and the correctional officers. Shit is crazy.

So until I catch up on all the episodes, you'll know where to find me.

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