The Next Gerry Cooney of Rap = Asher Roth

Vanilla Gorilla, aka Semmer, was just listening to this as I stumbled into the office. Since Jay is constantly yelling at me about posting figured fuck it. Listened to a couple of bits.

The Marshall Mathers references are apt but still kid has skills.

He is from Morristown, PA as well Jay.

Download The Greenhouse Effect from Asher Roth on Hip Hop Phobia

This is done by mixtape guru DJ Drama.

Like prep schoolers who can rap?


Jungle Jay said...

dude, i'm not from morristown - that is the big city compared to where i'm from. get it straight asshole

rory said...

i know youre not from morristown faggot, im just saying he is. like PA proud type ish.

dont read between the lines, just read the lines.

Jungle Jay said...

i would if you knew how to space them correctly.

roedood said...