Indie Rock Shocker - Paul Hanly Caught in Gay Interracial Tryst

These photos were sent anonymously to Use Everything HQ this weekend in a discreet manila envelope with "Hand Jobs" written on the front. Given how lewd they are we were not sure what to do with them but given our journalistic duties we felt the need to post.

Apparently after a heavy night of boozing, the gang went back to Red Square, the center of Bacchanalian debauchery. It was there that the elicit affair occurred.

But here's the clincher Knick fans!

It was with 33 himself! Hanly and Ewing!


wiscodana said...

looks about right

roedood said...

personally im shocked, doesnt he have a GF?

Jungle Jay said...

i want to go on the record to say i didn't have anything to do with this, even if i was able to sneak my head into the ewing pic.

rory said...

i think at this point it's safe to say that all of this looks like the work of Yaps

Yaps said...

Isn't that the dude from the posters on the LES?

roedood said...

the kitchen shitter bandit?