If This Is True, Then I'm Queerer Than A $2 Bill...

Oveis just pointed out a couple of web-gems during our big night of sitting on the couch while soaking up the beauty of another Law & Order.

Sex Is For Fags
:: A premium destination for boys trying to stay cool while staying abstinent. Just check out this testie-moan-anal: "I hate fags. Dude, I mean, dudes who can't stop touching their wangs? DUDE. So, like, I joined Sex Is For Fags because it IS. You won't catch me doing that – with dudes OR chicks. Well, at least not until I get my trust fund and start needing some serious tax deductions."

Or if you are of the opposite sex you may want to check out their sister site: Iron Hymen. One part of their pledge asks young ladies to, "To never do rough stuff like ride horsies or bikes with hard seats, which could break my vagina's freshness seal and make me totally unlovable."

Though most of these sites are full of cheese, they do serve a good purpose - procrastination.

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