Pennsylvania Is Awesome...

And its not only because its the birthplace and origin of this blogger, but also because of Saturday's like the one Beach, Yaps and I had this past weekend. We met at 10am on Saturday morning and drove straight to Harrisburg for lunch at Chilis which was followed by a stop at Hershey Park for an Everclear concert. They covered "Boys Are Back In Town", "Brown-Eyed Girl" and "Girl With Faraway Eyes" and played hits like "Santa Monica" and "Heroin Girl". Yup, they played "Heroin Girl" in front of 300 people including a bunch of young kids and their parents. We followed this up by stopping near the PA / NJ boarder to drop something like $300 on illegal fireworks. Anyone up for a Roman Candle battle? I heard Yaps and Beach had one at 6am on Attorney Street on Sunday. Pretty sweet.

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