Late Live Blogging - NC & IN Primary

Fashionably late of course.

Well let's just recap with what we know as of now:

8:20 pm
Look like the 7-10 split we all feared is the likely outcome. With Clinton taking IN and Obama taking NC. Hey kids, who likes race wars? Politico

8:25 pm

CLINTON 99,347 34%
*OBAMA 187,468 64%

*CLINTON 277,233 56%
OBAMA 218,794 44%

8:38 pm
You can follow coverage on the internet! Have you heard of this? It's called online video. MSNBC actually does a nice job of real time uploading. Basically as segments air, the cut, edit and upload as individual videos. Kudos.

10:34 pm
Sorry been working on VBS shit. Well Obama already spoke. Clinton is up now. She is quoting Obama who said Indiana would be the tie breaker. The journey continues. Cue the "Yes She Will" chant.

10:42 pm
CLINTON 565,407 42%
*OBAMA 760,433 56%

*CLINTON 546,204 52%
OBAMA 503,274 48%

10:52 pm
Cracked the 22 of Corona. Had to be done. Clinton is talking about her lame ass, common denominator, Everybody Loves Raymond crowd pleasing, "id soothing" plan to use windfall taxes on big oil to subsidize your gas guzzling SUV.

Apparently it's not just big oil companies she doesn't like, she distrusts economists well.

10:54 pm
She is talking about the fiasco in the FL and MI primaries. Bullshit about needing a nominee chosen by 50 states not 48 and the goal posts shift again for team Clinton.

10:57 pm
Apparently major media outlets despite Clinton's speech, has not declared a winner for IN.

12:37 pm
Sorry, work has been getting in the way. Lucky for me, IN is still close and Obama has now closed it to under 2%, while winning NC by 15%. Pundits are saying this may be enough to push Obama ahead.


1:13 pm
Major outlets now declaring Clinton the winner in IN. She had canceled all her morning appearances. Don't blame her.

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