Introducing The Breuer

Ladies and Gentleman, last night we discovered what very well may be your new favorite summer snack. Say hello to The Breuer; a delicious mix of hot dog, cheese and Funyuns. In order to properly create a Breuer you must cook your hot dog to perfection. While your weenie is roasting, prep a hot dog bun with a slice of American Cheese and broken up Funyuns. Place the bun on the top rack of your grill and close. This will allow the Funyuns a chance to fuse with the cheese. Top with mustard and/or ketchup and you have the new summer treat that will sweep the land. While The Breuer's original form consisted of these ingredients, please note that swapping out the hot dog for sausage or any of your favorite encased meats is welcome, but also note that we frown upon using any cheese that doesn't have the word American in it.

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