So it turns out that Tom Yap's vanity knows no bounds. Last night it was revealed that the bandanna mustachioed super sports agent enjoys Googling himself at work when he should be getting the next extreme unicyclist.

Also it seems Tom Yaps likes to pop off about my lack of blogging these days to anyone who will listen. Well I unfortunately do not have the same lackadaisical luxury that ole Tommy Boy has at work. But this did not stop him from making side comments about yours truly. Could it be that Tom Yaps, the weak link in DJ AwesomeGoodtimes, is in fact projecting his own failed blogging attempt on me?

Preposterous, but not out of the scope of the snake.

So now Tom Yaps, when you Google "Tom Yaps" or anyone else does for that matter, hopefully this post of Tom Yaps will be at the top of the search.



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Anonymous said...

ha! that worked perfectly...