Caesar had Brutus.
Jesus had Judas.
George Washington had Benedict Arnold.

Now the Yankees have Gino from the Bronx (longtime asshole first time douchebag).

Gino Judas is a construction worker, who lives only a short drive down the way from the House That Ruth Built. It's always the ones that are close to you, that do the most harm.

Yes as you heard here before, Gino from the Bronx decided to be the funny guy and bury a David Ortiz jersey in the foundation of the new Yankee Stadium. Here is what the aforementioned Masshole had to say:

"As I stuck it in, I said, 'The Yankees are done for the next 30 years.' I only put a 30-year curse because I'm 46 and in 30 years I'll be dead, and I won't care if the Yankees win then."

Which raises the question, is Gino in fact retarded? Perhaps, I mean if given the opportunity to curse my mortal enemy, I think I would err on the side of caution and say like a million years. I mean fuck it, go big. But being the self absorbed Masshole that he is, Retarded Gino from the Bronx, decided that 30 years would suffice.

Also who knew that big burly construction goons named Gino were also so well versed in the art of black magic. Not me.

Read the ongoing coverage in the New York Post.

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