RIP - Some White Guy

I got to admit, I ain't never heard nothing about Randy Smith, but when a fellow Connecticut prep school snob asks you to post something you do it, no questions asked. Especially when it's a memorial and has to do with sports.

Here's what the mustachioed bandanna whaler Tom had to say:

Randy Smith, a sportswriter from the Journal Inquirer passed away on Monday. The JI is an afternoon paper we got in Eastern Connecticut, and everyday after school I would get it from the mailbox and turn to see if Randy had a column in there. Truly grew up with this guy as a voice to filter all UCONN, Whalers, Yankees, news. His “Do Ya Wanna Bet” columns were legendary and he saved his best stuff for the races at Saratoga every summer. Randy was a guy who smoked and drank and gambled and truly loved sports. Not one of these crusty assholes trying to promote themselves by putting athletes and other writers down. He was a huge part of my growing up and this link, from the JI’s largest competitor, is a very good tribute to him.

So god bless you Randy, may your baseball game never rain out, may your foul shot be nothing but net and may your pony finish first wherever you are.

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