Random Band - The Vibes...

You guys hear of this great new way to experience music? There is this new site called Myspace where you can create your own personalized webpage and stylize it with all sorts of photos, music, interests and unicorns. Anyway, I signed up to make a Myspace that is all my own. You should check it out - add me! So now all these great new bands reach out and ask me to be their friend! I've never been so popular. Since the readership of our blog is through the roof, I'd like to help out some bands by introducing them to YOU! I've never used so many exclamation points!

So today's random band is The Vibes from Somewhere, Texas. They are a two-piece... wait for it... wait for it... Retro blues band. Ok, I'm not going to badmouth their music because in all honesty it is better than 96.3% of all the other random solicitors, but I would like to drive them to Texas and biff them with a copy of The Black Keys album, Thick Freakness. They even come complete with their own lanky, Bradford Cox meets Dan Boechner looking drummer. I wonder if he plays on a 6 foot riser like Patrick Carney.

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