One Legged Chinawoman Saves Olympics for Chinapeople

I have been hit with so many images of this plagued Olympic torch run that I myself am beginning to feel like one of these unlucky folks running through the mob of hate.

Except for torch carrier, Jin Jing. I have a hard time feeling like her cause I have both legs.

Now I could honestly give two flying Buddhist fucks about Tibet, or even the Olympics for that matter. I am just enjoying the chaos being wrought by misled intentions and the violence of non-violent protesters.

But I had to take pause when I saw the poor one legged Chinawoman Jin Jing fighting off some hippy douchebag croc wearing idealist wannabe anarchist who was trying to steal the torch and her moment in the sun. Luckily she prevailed cause the man was a pussy. I mean after all she has one leg. Regardless her struggle has catapulted her to national prominence not see seen since the Great Wall. For chopsticks sake, they now call her "angel in a wheelchair".

So I give you my hero of the week, Jin Jing.


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B. Hawkins Pham said...

Rory, I had no idea you wrote such eloquent prose.