I'll Do Anything For Cash...

Throughout the course of our busy day Cobra and Badger often come up with challenges for me to perform for some cold hard cash. I've shot myself in the both nostrils with a pellet gun. Or the time they gave the intern $20 bucks to slap me in the face. Oh, and don't forget the Pickle Twizzler, (this is when you pour out about a shot of Red Bull out of the can that has been punctured in preparation for shotgunning and you replace it with a shot of pickle juice). In the above video above the office bet me $80 that I couldn't eat 11 Perry Perrys all at once. A Perry Perry is an olive stuffed with a little red smoking hot pepper. Well, I took them down and along with the $80 I received some much deserved anal bleeding. Who's got money!

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