Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?

I love you so much and yet you continue to go and do things like this. I knew it was you Rivers; you broke my heart. I hope this is only a joke or that someone has the balls (I'm looking at you Rick Rubin) to step up and tell Weezer that they look like a pile of used douche. Wait, does that even exist? Is douche a verb or a noun. Either way, they are it. Seriously Brian? You look like an American Idol contestant. Rivers, are you trying to be funny or is that just your new idiot redneck look? You look like a 1986 gay cliche - I hope a big bear finds you and rapes some sense into you. Guys, I got a fucking tattoo cause you changed my life. Now you get to be my first regret.


rory said...

why not just have a dope sold red cover with just the weezer.

seems like a no brainer.

Darby said...

I wish upon wishes they weren't the new Village People.

I'll speak to man upstairs about this.