Bill Clinton - King Lear

So much for being the ace up Hilary's pant suit. What was once thought to be her key to getting into the White house, has now become her fat ass loud mouthed albatross.

Yes Bill Clinton has not disappointed those who love meltdowns, imploding one campaign stop after another.

He brought up the ole Jesse Jackson card again. See he isn't racist. It's worse than that. He is so Machiavellian that the Big Mac junkie will do and say about anything.

Wonkette has the full story.

Oh and just to stick the knife in his wife's back as if cheating on her with that pig Monica wasn't enough, with the mic still on, Bill blurted out:

"I don't think I should take any shit from anybody on that, do you?"

Nah Bill. You said enough.


Jungle Jay said...

that dude is bad ass. to bad he never got a divorce.

Jungle Jay said...

ps. i'd definitely ball out monica.

rory said...

of course you would...give her the best 3 minutes she ever had.