Awesome Website Alert! CHOMP CHOMP

This site has been bookmarked on my computer for years, but I think the beautiful weather today is making me generous, so I shall share it with the masses.

For anyone who is fascinated by the ocean and all its wonderful creatures swimming within - this is the site for you! http://swimatyourownrisk.com/

Not for the queasy, the site has no fear of showing gashes to the human body caused by one of the most ferocious and beautiful beasts on Earth. Yeah, I'm talking about the GREAT WHITE SHARK and its relatives. One of today's posts shows a shark feeding frenzy on a dead horse. I strongly advise you to think twice about clicking the extra photos link. Oh man, you did it. I told you not to! Blarf.

The site even has awesome special features like a shark attack map and a victim's gallery. Crikey!
Happy Friday!

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