#7 On The Top 10 Days Of The Year...

Two and a half months after Eli Manning lead the underdog New York Giants to the head of the NFL class, the league has announced the 2008 schedule. There are a few highlights on there for various reasons, but the first is the Monday Night Football double header that will feature Aaron Rogers first start in the post-Favre Packer era. I'm wondering how many pain killers Dana will take to endure this game. Another highlight would be week 5 where the Jets are guaranteed not to lose because its their bye week. Thanksgiving is shaping up to be a good one with three staggered games including a midday showdown between the Seahawks and Cowboys. The only think I'm worried about is the Thursday night NFL Network games. Just another night I'll have to sit in a bar to watch sports. Grrrrreat.

Regardless, today is a joyous occasion. Once we get these pesky summer months behind us we'll be able to concentrate on another disappointing season for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the New York Football Jets. So much heart break is on the horizon.

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wiscodana said...

Pretty sure human painkillers won't do the trick... anyone know a good vet? That's right, I'm referring to horse tranquillizers. I have no shame in my game. Much like Jay.